Christmas time can be a little more difficult for those with a single income so here at The Worship Center we want to partner with you and help fill in the gap. Our mission is to bless families in our church, the recovery homes, and our community through Ding Dong Bless!


November 7/8 – December 4

The families we are partnering with vary from having only one or two children in the home to five or six, so decide if you want to go in together with your Community Group or friends, or if you want to go it on your own! We suggest spending a minimum of $25 per child, ages 0 – High School Senior.

December 5/6

During the weekend, we’ll have trees in the foyer with tags that designate how many kids are in the family. You’ll choose a tag, then one of our Ding Dong Bless Helpers will share the kids Wish Lists with you. If you are watching services online only and don’t feel comfortable coming to service to get a tag, you can still participate! After each service, we will go live on our Facebook page and be your hands to pick out your tag! If you don’t have Facebook, you can also call the Care Network Phone (575-446-8485) after each service and we will get you a tag that way as well! (Please be aware that if you take a tag in person or via online/phone call, it is YOUR responsibility to shop for and deliver to the kids yourself.) Then, during the week you’ll gather your tribe together to go shopping and wrap those gifts!

December 11 & 12, 6pm-8pm

Families will be expecting you Friday or Saturday, December 11th or 12th between 6 and 8pm. You’ll drop your wrapped gifts off on their front door step, ring the doorbell, and then……..RUN!



Kid’s Wish List Deadline – November 23rd 

To apply to be one of the families blessed by Ding Dong Bless, fill out the online Kid’s Wish List by November 23rd or pick one up at the Guest Services Desk during our weekend services or the Church Office.

Please be aware that Kid’s Wish Lists turned in after November 23rd will not be considered.